African Civil Society on the Information Society

Société Civile Africaine pour la Société de l'Information

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ACSIS intends to act as an umbrella structure through which African CS can influence policy and ensure that strategies and programmes enable the promotion of development: Poverty alleviation, use of appropriate ICT for balanced development, participation of communities/civil society in policy and strategy development & implementation of initiatives. It will:

PROMOTE the views and interests of African CS to ensure that new and traditional ICT can be utilised for promotion of sustainable development and the formation of an Information Society based on social justice and human development;

ADVOCATE & LOBBY for the development of comprehensive and inclusive ICT strategies to address the digital divide;

INFORM CS generally on national, regional, continental and international deliberations regarding ICT for development policies, strategies and initiatives for the promotion of balanced development;

ADVISE national, regional, continental and international institutions on the needs and interests of African CS;

BUILD CAPACITY: develop capacities and promote action-oriented dialogue on our key aims;

NETWORK and PARTNER with grassroots organisations, national, regional, continental and international institutions to develop and add value to existing policies and initiatives aimed at promoting ICT